Mutual Admiration Society vol. 1

This blog post, from 2010, will always be one of my favourite things on the internet.


Hooley dooley – someone thought I was cool.

It’s real: “Things which are the devil

It still lives in Google, and I can find it when I search for my name. I only do this on the odd occasion*^.


^outrageous lie

Thank you, Alice from Linen Service, for minding my things; I sense you’re an absolute legend.

I hope you’re very busy making a name for yourself – or already have. I bet you’re super successful.

The thought that I’ve had an impact on anyone’s life choices is absurdly humbling.

I only feel mildly sorry for leading you towards UQ Journalism. The feeling is only ‘mild’ because I feel worse for encouraging people to do far sillier things:

  • “No, no, you’ll be fine for your 8am lecture tomorrow if we go to the R.E right now.”
  • “Yeah, I’d definitely chat up that fellow from King’s. I think he’ll treat you really nicely.”
  • “A reference list? I wouldn’t worry about it, It’s just an Arts subject.”

Abu was great, though. Solid bloke. A “good style of a chap,” as my grandfather would have said.

I had a UQ Journalism Appreciation Society on Facebook. I just thought I’d mention that as a happy recollection. I’m the only member now. I don’t think that means anything though..

P.S: I love Marieke too.

Oh, and my dog had a Twitter account – It was woeful. She didn’t really have much to contribute to conversations.


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