The Dwarf

During the course of my first round of university studies, I dedicated a little bit of my time to getting things for free.

Some of the activities were of an ‘undergraduate’ nature. Others were genuine attempts at professionalism.

The latter group of activities included compiling CD and gig reviews for The Dwarf. I did pretty well out of the whole arrangement – they sent me to Splendour in the Grass and the Big Day Out for crying out loud.

For your amusement, the former included the likes of pilfering traffic cones. I know, the shame. Though, I’m sure you did silly things in your university days too..

Some of my attempts at criticism are better than others, as you might expect.

For some perspective, it might be useful to get an overview of my musical leanings.

  • I’m not a huge fan of ‘electronica’ – my attempts at dancing aren’t fruitful, and often leave onlookers genuinely concerned for my well-being. As such, anything with even a hint of ‘beep-beep’ (as I ‘open-mindedly’ refer to it) was unfairly panned in my ‘early work’.
  • I like to think I like ‘punk’. In high school I had a ridiculous crush on a fellow with a mohawk. At uni, i had a ridiculous crush on a fellow with a mohawk. As I understand, both fellows are ‘killing it’ now in their careers in journalism/writing/being cool. I’m sure both gentlemen know who they are. My fawning wasn’t subtle, and I should apologise for being such an awkward fan-girl.
  • I take hipster-level joy in knowing about obscure bands. This tendency has plateaued-slash-declined since my first bought of Dwarf-era publications.

With those points in mind, I give you my work-to-date with The Dwarf – in alphabetical order, by album name.

I hope you didn’t mind reading through some of those. If you’d like me to review something else – leave a comment, and I’ll try to find it on Spotify* and do a blog post.

I did a few interviews too:

*I pay for Spotify now, because I’m an adult and the artists I listen to deserve my money.

I should thank Jade Bonus and Lisa Dib. Both ladies have had turns at the helm of the site, and I still have sizable girl-crushes on the pair of them.


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