Making A Mug Out Of Me


  1. noun – a large cup, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer.
  2. British, informal – a stupid or gullible person.

I have a sick love for Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

So, when I saw a particularly pin-able Buzzfeed craft article, you can imagine my joy. There may or may not have been squealing. I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Here’s How To Make Easy DIY Marbled Mugs‘ says Caroline Emiller.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 9.12.09 am

Look at her! Look at how flipping wholesome and adorable her face is! Look at how pretty that mug is! So pink! So cute!

Caroline’s video goes for less than a minute, and is backed by jingle-jangle stock music.  Naturally this led me to assume I can complete the task without swearing or making a complete flipping hash of it…

HA! or…as the kids say ‘LOL’*

*Do kids still say that? I don’t know, I’m getting old.

Follow me as I make a tit of myself trying to replicate a ridiculously simple project.

fozzy bear facepalm gif imgur tumblr oh no geez

Let’s get started

You will need:

  • 1 x mug
  • 1 x take away food container (“just one?” you ask, incredulously staring at the tower of them in the back of your cupboard)
  • Water – to go in the take away container
  • 1 x newspaper (because you’ve promised not to make too much of a mess)
  • 1 x inflated sense of your capacity to complete crafternoon tasks

Step One

Set your supplies out in an aesthetically pleasing way. Remember, the most important thing about arts and crafts is displaying your genius on the internet.


Promise not to get nail polish all over the cement.

Step Two

Pour a whole bunch of nail polish into the water. How much? Who knows!

Step Three

Panic – because there is nothing more stressful than this instruction:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.10.15 am

Step Four

Jam your mug in the nail-polishy water.

Step Five

Set your mug on the newspaper you prepared earlier and marvel at the giant mess you’ve made.


Nothing like the f***ing video.

Step Six


Step Seven

Decide you’ll try to rectify the situation by layering different colours on top.


Yeah, that worked – good job, kiddo…

Step Eight

Throw a tantrum.

Step Nine

Decide you’ll use them despite their heinousness.


Quickly! Take a picture of your sh***y mugs under your goon dispenser! FOR THE INTERNET!

Step Ten

Make a cuppa in one and pretend you can’t taste the nail polish when you’re drinking it.*

*I know what nail polish tastes like because my mum always told me to lick it to test if it was dry on my fingers. How I made it to my late twenties, I will never fully understand.



There you have it. You too can make a tremendously unsafe mug. Try not to die in your pursuit of DIY excellence!

Step Eleven (Optional)

Start to feel like you might be dying of nail-polish death.

Go to bed and watch True Detective, because Matthew McConaughey is the cure for all that ails us.

matthew mcconaughey woody harrelson gif

true detective television gif

matthew mcconaughey true detective gif


6 thoughts on “Making A Mug Out Of Me

  1. Steph Maker says:

    Don’t let my failure dissuade you!
    If I were to make another attempt at these, I’d try hotter water, less polish and a deeper bowl…
    Also – I love your blog, it’s gorgeous and super inspirational.


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