A Capital Time

I like Canberra.

I do. I like it.

Most people, when I tell them this, make that bemused face. The face that’s all squiggly eyebrows and pursed lips. The face that, without words, says ‘really’ with an upward inflection on a steep curve.

I always try to justify my affection with reference to the weather.

“It’s cold,” I’ll say, “I like the cold.”

Maybe all the round-a-bouts make me dizzy. Maybe, I lose a sense of perspective when I’m in the capital.

There’s something wonderful about the city.

It could be the ‘porn, politics, and pyrotechnics’ element. I’m not sure.

Perhaps it’s the rich dichotomies to be found there.

When I was there, posters pressed that innovation be fast-tracked all while the place chugged along at the slow clip of a steam train.

What’s not to love about that sort of absurdity? In Canberra, one waits for Godot. He never comes.

I think part of my love for Canberra is that it’s just like a bigger version of my home town.

It’s full of old people and conservative values. It’s Toowoomba’s grown-up, big sister city.

Meanwhile, I think I’m lucky to fit neither the description ‘old’ or ‘conservative’.

By and large, despite their chances to be the contrary – given the number of politicos per head, the locals strike me as lovely.

I met an undergraduate-looking chap in the bookshop, and he seemed keen to share with me his views on the volume I was set to purchase. It was a particularly Canberran experience. He was eloquent, and charming, but I wasn’t sure whether I could take what he had to say at face value. I could have been in a parliamentary chamber.

I’m not convinced I’ll ever be able to put my figure on my love for our nation’s capital.

And that’s part, I suppose, of its charm.

boat on the lake.jpg

ferry 2

tower canberra.jpg




7 thoughts on “A Capital Time

  1. Angie says:

    I lived there for two years, High points for me were: the Zodiac Pizza Parlor, that was all sorts of great; Cottington Green, Really little stuff artfully arranged…okay, weird high point but it gives you a relative measure for the my concept of “high points” here, and lastly, the road going out.

    Having said all of that, I love this about Canberra…it’s the ultimate compromise! Can’t decide on Sydney or Melbourne for the capital? No worries! We’ll just create a whole other place, chuck a fake lake in, and Bobs your uncle!

    There is also a perverse part of me that truly enjoys that people in pubs can still be found debating were our nations capital actually is…and never once will you hear Canberra thrown in as a likely contender. In those situations I like to play the role of, as you would say, Devils advacado and just casually throw in “A.C.T.” Just for sh**s and giggles, and watch the faces that go with the ‘wha?!’ Looks. I guess you kind of have to love Caberra for that.

    Nice pics btw ☺️


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