Free-sources (Free Resources)

Is there anything better than teaching resource inspiration? Bless you, Pinterest!

Yes, well, teaching resources that I can use straight away are (mostly) even better than those that are inspiring.

And, they’re even better again when they’re FREE!

Free-sources for everyone!

“You get a hand-out! You get a hand-out! You get a hand-out!”

That was me, imagining that I’m some sort of teacher-Oprah.

Anyway, I’ve been scrounging through my resources this week, looking for some that might be transferable to the ol’ Adult Literacy schtick.

It’s going quite slowly.

I’ve got quite a number of things that are pretty good, but they have things like ‘Kids’ and ‘Fun’ and ‘For Grades 5 to 6‘ plastered all over them. In my ignorance, I’ve used them before, but I’d found there’s always someone that pipes up – ‘Miss! Is this sh** meant for kids?’

While the answer is ‘Yes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain useful information’ it’s a response that typically doesn’t go down particularly well.

On a tangent, here are some hand-outs I made during my brief time as a teacher of children:

Match the Adjective

Adjective Draw

Describe Me Adjectives.jpeg




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