No Diggity, I Got to Bag it Up

“Where the flipping-flip is my flipping glasses case” thought I, quietly (untrue) to myself.

“What the flip could I have flipping done with it?” I mused.

“I live in a box, and work in a cubicle – these are the places in which I could have presumable opened the flipping case, and put the flippers on my head – how could I have flipping misplaced them in such a small flipping area?”

As you can now imagine, was in need of a new glasses case. I needed somewhere to house my glasses so as to not smash or smoosh them.

Best not to cry over a misplaced glasses case, be it gold and shiny and emblazoned with Vivienne Westwood, with something that announces to the world that I know things about fashion-stuff, despite my tendency to wear obscenely comfortable clothes everywhere.

No tears.

So, I made a glasses pencil-case zippy bag, because, flip it – why not.

Dana taught me how.

Dana, of Made Everyday (With Dana).


Dana is pretty much terminally happy to be alive. Which, I reckon would be pretty easy, swanning about in Texas making cool schtuff, while sponsored by a sewing machine company. Dunno, just making asses out of you and me.

Dana gave me the hints I needed to think about making a comfy skirt.

What was I saying? Ah yes, after an hour or so trying to figure out the supreme logistics of making something with lining, I gave up and consulted Doctor Google. And there she was, all smugness and yellow hair, leading me down the golden path of pencil-case creation.

Look at her! Look at that face! The happiness! The great American teeth. Lord, have mercy!

Right – so, I’ve heard you want to watch me swear at Dana? All twenty of you playing along at home. Thanks dudes, you’re awesome. One day I’ll be Pip Lincoln. I think if I ever met her, I’d just break down in blubbering fan-girldom. I’d probably wee a little bit.


As they say…

Let’s get started

You will need:

  • vintage style fabric – to get the bits I used, you’ll need to talk to my great auntie and my friend’s mum (all of whom are fabulous people).
  • a sewing machine
  • scissors
  • thread
  • a zipper

Step One

Watch Dana.

Step Two

Swear at Dana – a lot.

Step Three

Do what she tells you and cut your bits out.


I bet Dana’s sewing room is immaculate. I bet her children poop pearls.

Step Four

For the love of gosh, keep doing what she says. Make the zipper sandwich.


Step Five

Sew up the zipper sandwich!

Say zipper sandwich as many times as you can. It’s like knuckle sandwich, but craftier. A knuckle sandwich, coincidentally, is what I wanted to give Dana…

Sorry Dana, If you’re reading this, I want to be your friend. My vitriol is based in jealousy.

Step Six

Make the other zipper sandwich – on the other side of the zipper.


Zipper Sandwich

Step Seven

Marvel at your good work. You’ve made a zipper bat. Flap flap flap.

Step Eight

Do the top stitch step, because otherwise Dana will leap out of her YouTube lair and eat your


Bow down to the sewing overlords. TOPSTITCHETH, YOU MUST!

Step Nine

Unzip your zipper. *Winks*

Pin down the inside bit, and the outside bit.


For the love of all that’s holy:


There is no fury like a zipped zipper in this scenario.

Oh, and leave a space that you won’t sew shut on the inside fabric. That’s so you can jam your hand in when you’re done and reef out the outside bits and turn its skin back the right way.

Go nuts and sew around the outside, around the outside, around the outside.

Step Ten

Celebrate the fact that you haven’t made a hideous mess, and turn the bag out the right way. Leave the innards hanging out a bit, you need to sew the hole up.


Hol’ up. What would you? Get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses! – Yup, City High – still good.

Step Eleven

Jam the innards back in the inside and you are done, my friend.

No diggity, no doubt.

NB: I still have no idea what I did with my glasses case.


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