Mountain Biking

Lesson one: I’m not a natural born mountain biker. I’m pretty content with my cut-price hipster-nonsense vintage-style lady-treadly.

I learned this lesson while on a decadent adventure with my dear friend Bonnie.

We were treated to a tour around the new Spicers (#fancy, #deluxe – etc) trail around the back of Brisbane.

If you’d enjoy it, I’d like to show you some pictures from our little journey..


We started our super-fun-time in New Farm. We ate ourselves silly and probably made too much noise at a proper-posh restaurant. Then, we fell asleep on marshmallow beds watching chick-flicks, because we’re heinous stereotypes.


New Farm


Story Bridge, Brisbane

Day One

I’d never ‘glamped’ before – unless you’re ready to count sleeping in the back of a Cruiser or passing out at Splendour as ‘glamping’.

I can now accurately define ‘glamping’ with accuracy and precision. It includes a king bed, in a sturdy tent, and a view unmolested by man’s urban impressions.


Glamp (noun): a camping site built for delicate flowers

Day Two

I’ve developed a love for LandCruisers. Some would call it Stockholm Syndrome. I’m choosing to call it a relationship hazard.


I’m a Cruiser-girl


Not altogether unpleasant

Day Three

We awoke to one of the loveliest mornings I’ve ever seen.


Good morning, Sunshine

We rode past a pig farm, and it was awesome.




Good fence

Day Four

“I want to go to there” – a phrase that sums up all of the accommodation we had the pleasure of staying at.


Hidden Vale

In summary – 6 Stars.



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